Portrait photography and photographs of people have been the focus of  photographer Duke Wells for over forty years. His natural ability to connect with people allows him to capture timeless portrait photographs. His experience at portraiture, mastery of the photographic craft and skills at lighting have created a unique style of portraiture.

The portraits below are part of the Bahamian Project, an ongoing art project that seeks to document people, whose character best reflects the heart and soul of The Bahamas, through portrait photographs.

“Duke Wells’ compelling portraits come from a larger ongoing project, The Bahamian Project, that seeks to expose and archive a broad range of Bahamians.

“His technical proficiency as a photographer is second to none.

“This, combined with his unyielding interest in the diverse fabric of Bahamian history and culture creates a truly provocative and unprecedented body of work.

“His ongoing efforts secure these works, and works of many other like-minded photographers, in what can and should be seen as the underpinnings of the first portrait gallery in The Bahamas.”

John Cox – Founder, Creative Director, Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts and Executive Director of Arts and Culture for the Baha Mar Resort.

Midnight in The Garden

The idea for these photos came as a result of photographer / model test shots that developed into a whimsical fun photoshoot. No men were harmed during the making of these photographs.

  • Models: Vanessa Leach, Ajayi Bodden, Tony McCartney
  • Make up: Anishka Culmer
Entangled 3796 by Duke Wells


These dramatic images are part of an extended body of fine-art photographic work that started with portrait photographs of struggling artists.

“Through this body of photographic work I attempt to examine the phenomenon of personal struggles as a metaphorical visual interpretation of both challenges and personal growth.

What began as a personal journey of exploration has translated into images of the body that hopefully resonate with individuals, encouraging them to question their own personal psychological growth.

This series of images seeks to challenge our individual idiosyncrasies, exploring internal struggles, external challenges and the relationship between each other.”